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Workcover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland (WCQ) and its affiliated insurers recognise and support our role as Professional Health Service Providers. Once a PNSA has satisfied all the relevant criteria WCQ will issue the PNSA with a WCQ Provider number. This is only relevant when dealing with approved Work Cover cases. It does not provide the PNSA with any rights dealing with Medicare or other Health Funds. Remuneration is per the agreement negotiated by the previous executive committee. As an association we need to work together to ensure all states receive the remuneration for the services that PNSA’s provide. 

The presence of PNSA’s has been increasing over the last few years. This is being noticed by the larger Health community, Private Health Institutions and even Federal Government. AANSA is largely responsible for this. The Association relies on the support and dedication of all of the members.

Thank you. 

Joshua Paul

QLD Representative AANSA
Executive Member (Founding)Josh.