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WA State Rep Intro

Why a Nurse Surgical Assistant?

A theatre nurse for most of my nursing career, I wanted to remain in the OR but was looking for a new challenge. Updating education, skills and many hours of practice lead to a qualification as a Perioperative Nurse Surgeon’s Assistant (PNSA). I am currently accredited at four Perth hospitals as a Registered Nurse Surgical Assistant.

With only a few PNSA’s in WA (that I am aware of) we are always looking for more members to join AANSA. Australia wide, there is a large network of PNSA’s willing to network, share experiences and brainstorm issues. Currently the issue of a national Provider Number for PNSA’s is top of the discussions.

I welcome your contact.

Allison Brayshaw

RN MClinSc (PNSA)0409405414